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Bianca and Reese: Together in Love (An Intro)

Longtime Pine Valley resident Bianca Montgomery has lived for some time in Paris where she has met and shares a home with a successful architect, Reese Williams. The couple, who lived in France with Bianca's daughter Miranda, decide to expand their family and return to Pennsylvania to Bianca's hometown. Their arrival and stay in Pine Valley is as eventful as the tornado that hits on the day of their return, and it leaves the viewers wondering if the women will be able to brave all the challenges of a very soap opera romance.

"Reese Williams and Bianca Montgomery are fictional characters and a lesbian couple from the ABC daytime drama ... the pairing is commonly referred to by the portmanteaus "Rianca" (for Reese and Bianca) and "Breese" (for Bianca and Reese). The couple debuted in October 2008 and is groundbreaking for featuring the first same-sex marriage proposal, as well as the first legal same-sex wedding and marriage, on an American soap opera. In addition, the pairing's family is the first onscreen family made up of same-sex parents in the history of American daytime television."(1)

"All My Children (AMC) is an American soap opera that has been broadcast Monday through Friday on the ABC TV network since January 5, 1970... the show is set in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, a fictitious suburb of Philadelphia. Since its inception, the show has featured Susan Lucci as Erica Kane [Bianca's mother], one of daytime's most popular characters." (2)

thanks go out to Dubblemintluv (20 October 2008 - 29 January 2009) and Way2Juicy (30 January 2009 - 29 April 2009) for providing this opportunity for us to get to know Bianca and Reese's story.

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