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Carla & Hanna: Forbidden Love (An Introduction)

Carla and Hanna's love story has warmed the hearts of all those who by good fortune have come to know of it. The chance encounter of a countess and the proprietor of a local tavern sets the stage for a romantic journey that proves that although love truly is blind - blind to status, societal obligations and to self denial - it is still very capable of opening hearts and spreading light where the darkness of fear and ignorance often resides.

"Canna," as the couple was dubbed by adoring fans, is still winning over new audiences though it has been over 3 years since the storyline was run in Germany, and this is thanks to some industrious romantics out there who have taken to sharing the video story via the Internet.

thanks go out to Novemberstern75 for taking on the task of translating Canna's story to English and for doing it so well; to Mizkel for adding to the effort to share an affection for this outstanding love story with the world, and to CarlaFreak for filling in the gaps and adding to the richness of the story.

Video Credits
------------------------------ ---------
Mizkel - Episode 1-104, 247-260
CarlaFreak - Episodes 116-221, Beerdung & Letter

Do select Carla and Hanna's story. You'll be sure to enjoy!


Do note that though some sections of the video clips may not be picture perfect, the translation and the storyline make them definitely worth the viewing.