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Written by Aria   
Monday, 02 February 2009 06:34
hottopicI was wandering around the other day and a video story caught my eye.  It was a 'coming out' story that made me really start to wonder, "Why?"  And the the other inevitable question, one which I've been told I am somewhat famous for came to mind, "How?"

I mean, really!  Why should it be necessary at all for people to 'come out' about something that is simply so personal, often undefined?  And frankly, when you do choose to to something intimate about your physical attraction to someone else, anyone else , be it a lovely person of the same or a different gender - heavens! - you're told to keep those things to yourself!   But wait! or 'but stop!' -- as they say Jamaica way *smile* --  now, we've got the Internet!   You know -- that not so sacred yet wondrous place where people have no qualms about living out their fantasies, and, yes,  they have no fears, apparently, about  sharing their secrets. 

With all this worry about 'coming out' and 'popping back in', why not let the Net do all the work?  I use it to order pizza and it seems to be good for a whole slew of other fun things, so do you suppose that the Internet could be the ultimate 'coming out' tool?   Ok.. It's just a thought, but I am truly curious to hear what you think about coming out and about using the Net as a sure fire way to do this.

Alrightie, well here's the video that started me wondering and googling and don't forget to  click on "Quick Post" below and share your thoughts on the matter.  Won't ya? 

And now, celebrities who have come out in the past few years.

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View more about Teh-Emuh's coming out at ... at EurOut.

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Discuss (9 posts)

Coming Out on MySpace
Mar 10 2009 12:08:22

Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Mar 10 2009 22:57:44
hmm thoughts,

I just wish there was an easy way
Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Mar 11 2009 04:30:21
The fact that you know who you are , and what you want to love is the true act of coming out. The other part of the equation is the declaring it to others. Why is it even necessary?

Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Mar 11 2009 07:38:07
you're right Low

and I wish it wouldn't be, but the reality is, that you have too,
otherwise they keep on asking if you have a BF already
Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Mar 11 2009 08:54:52
Recently, the lives of 5 young nieces and nephews of mine were turned upside down when their mother could no longer be with them. For a few days, people appeared from everywhere and I could see how that change also affected these young lives. But eventually they went away and the grief became the children's, the husband's and others whose lives were touched by this lovely young woman on a daily basis .. it was and continues to be theirs to bear.

Seems to me that the same may be true of 'coming out'. .. There is the potential for lots of hooplah, people coming out of the woodworks (or maybe not), but then they go away and life goes on one way or the other, because at the end of the day people's priority usually is their own life though they may enjoy coming out to throw stones knowing that they too live in equally fragile glass houses.

One reason to come out: I understand about the need for family and coupling and children and so forth, but I think as long as societies make a sport of love making rather than placing an emphasis on sex as a road to procreation, then everyone should have the right to love even if their loving does not have the end product of keeping the species going.. That is the only reason I can see for the importance of caring if a person is with the same gender or not..

I ask the same question Lowhood asks, why the need to say I love someone who has the same gender as me? I don't know what same-sex attraction says about a person's personality or ambition. Frankly, I think it gives very little information -- only that the person can feel attraction and love -- so I think it is a shame that such issues take energy away from the art of living and growing and being... But these are things that I find important and ultimately...

I suppose that people should act upon what is important to them.

I think in the middle of a natural crisis, most folks wouldn't care about the sexual orientation of the person next to them, so I wish that it wouldn't be such an issue in our day to day lives and that the mere fact that someone can love and share that love could rule the day. I also think that if the coming out question helps an individual to really evaluate what is important to her, then hey.. great... but I do hope that while there is a searching for an answer there is a celebration of being and being able to live and love..

Bottom Line for me: If loving who you love does NOT put your life at risk or put you in unsafe situations , then... Live your life, love who you've been lucky to love, and then people will notice and know (and comment if they care to) just like they would if you dated a blonde or a brunette. Loving is a beautiful thing, an amazing thing and we should celebrate that we've been given the gift of it.

Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Mar 12 2009 01:39:49
that sounds like a great plan Aria,
great plan indeed
Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Jan 14 2010 03:16:56
Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Jan 14 2010 20:50:02
Loved it. Bravo Meredith.
Re:Coming Out on MySpace
Feb 10 2010 09:04:32
I think when people come out on social networks such as Myspace it is a declaration on several fronts... for some it is an assertion of their right to love whom they choose... for others it is a search for community and others like them... and for others it is a political statement of sorts... whatever the reasons people do it... I have mixed views about coming out.... if people hadn't come out in the past then the rights that we now enjoy, though not equal to those of heterosexuals, we may not have. However, I feel that people have the right to live their lives how they choose and love whomever they love privately free from public scrutiny and ridicule or harassment (which is often the by-product of coming out). The problem I find is that when you reveal your sexuality to others their minds seem to immediately go to what you do in the bedroom... all your merit for who you are seems to go right out the window. I don't disregard my hetero friends for what they do in the privacy and sanctity of their bedrooms, I don't really give thought to that at all, so why should I be disregarded for what I do in mine... the simple fact of the matter is if you are fortunate enough to find love in this world you should embrace it and it should matter if you find that love with someone of the same or the opposite sex.... that's this girls take on the situation .... live your life on your own terms... in other words do you and be comfortable with your decisions

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