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Ellen and Portia: My Endless Love Print E-mail
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Real Life Romance

Emmy award winning comedian and talk show host walks away from an Award show with a trophy of love in the form of a beautiful Australian-born actress, her "perfect fit"; they make a home together and pledge eternal love.

Dubbed "the world's funniest woman," Ellen Degeneres, successful television sitcom star and award winning talk show host, has kept America and the world laughing for many years with her natural wit and personable girl next door "I'm a babbler" charm even when the pain of lost love had tugged at her heart.   It seems that from the day she met captivating television actress Portia Di Rossi back in 2004, the smile that all her fans have grown to love has never faded because both women immediately knew that love was here to stay. Both Portia and Ellen had been in committed long-term relationships when they met at an award ceremony, but it was love at first sight and the two quickly made plans to begin a life together, dreaming of the day when they could formalise their commitment through marriage. That day came in June of 2008 when it was announced that women who love women could commit to each other in holy matrimony.  Ellen proudly announced that she would marry the woman who had so completely filled her heart.

Ellen Degeneres is also famous for starring as the first gay female character on a television series in the U.S. and for her very public 'coming out' story; although her career fell on hard times following that historic moment.  Ellen's personality seemed to lend itself to being very low keyed about her love for women, in the public eye, but now with Portia by her side, this accomplished comedian seems able to express her love for her special woman more openly and comfortably.  They join the likes of Melissa and Tammy and Rosie and Kelli as beautiful visible examples of abiding love.  The tale of Ellen and Portia's romance is destined to go down in history as one of the greatest romances of our time.

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Discuss (6 posts)
Ellen and Portia: My Endless Love
Mar 17 2009 19:23:26
Ellen and Portia: My Endless Love
Mar 21 2009 18:27:27
The interview between Ellen and Portia really was a milestone a few years ago her hit show got cancelled for telling everyone she was gay finally people are beginning to realise that love is love and it dosent effect anybody elses life lets hope in America they can get prop8 thrown out and let everybody live how they want to live.
have any of you any comments on this

Re:Ellen and Portia: My Endless Love
Mar 23 2009 06:53:57
I loved the interview too!

it was really funny, and it showed that they are just like any other couple, and like there was said on yt and AE many times,

I think I heard Ellen and Portia use the word 'wife' more times this week then I have ever heard!
BTW: thanks to Bridget for following that trend!

I also loved Portia on Jimmy Kimmel!
Ellen and Portia: My Endless Love
Jun 14 2009 09:44:11
What an awesome video. It's amazing how their love jumps off the screen. Thank you Ossyshaz. You made my morning, you made my day.
Re:Ellen and Portia: My Endless Love
Jun 14 2009 20:20:53
Like for all of you this video seems great to me too. I am happy that also such happy people exist. Hope their romance will last for ever.
Ellen and Portia: My Endless Love
Jul 07 2009 17:36:04
Thanks for all the comments not been here for a while due to work comitments

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