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Frida and Angela: Propositions in Costa! E-mail
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Season 2 of Dutch series Costa!

Dutch with English subtitles
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When your job, "proppen", means that you have to spend your days on the beach using your looks, your personality, everything you've got to lure scantily-clad people into a night club, the Costa!,  in sunny Salou Spain, what can that mean for that special love in your life? Frida, is one of the most popular proppers around, she gets along famously with both the boys and the girls and believes that jealousy is selfish, that if you love someone you allow them to be free, but will she put her ideas into practice when it comes to the love of her life the bike-riding veterinarian Angela?

Costa! was a series that ran on television in the Netherlands from 2001-2005 that centered around the lives of a group of young people who "have what they consider a dream job, virtually a paid holiday: they are 'proppers', which means a nightclub on the Spanish coast (hence the title) pays them to lure other young tourists by their natural -sexy- charms as well as handing out fliers, e.g. for free drinks or competitions, on the beach. They cohabit in free accommodation, so there's ample opportunity for conflict, pranks and love affairs among each-other as well as affairs with 'clients'." (1)

thanks go out to Urgrrl and Jordansonny1 for providing us an opportunity to get acquainted with Frida and Angela's romance.

If you have enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of these suntanned Netherlanders in Spain, be sure to support this series by purchasing their retail items when available, and it pays to let other producers know that they have a large audience out here who would love to see more series of this kind. Send them your wish list, because this is where your visibility truly counts!

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