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Open Letter to the Men of Myspace Print E-mail
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Short from "Seeking Simone"

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Simone sends a candid and entertaining message to the men of MySpace whose, as she puts it, "dogged attempts to mate with a fictional character" have inspired her to speak out and speak back.(1)

Seeking Simone is a new web series that follows the adventures -- or misadventures -- of actress Simone Selkin (said fictional character) as she moves to Toronto and tries to her best to find a match using online dating. Simone's Open Letter to the Men of Myspace is the first installation for the year 2010.

thanks go out to SeekingSimone's Youtube Channel for providing us this opportunity to follow along as Simone stumbles through her online dating escapades.

If you have enjoyed these video clips, be sure to stop by the series' official website to show your support for this fun and very well-put-together online series, because afterall, it is your visibility that counts!

Official Website: Seeking Simone

"Seeking Simone", the characters and situations are the property of Rosemary Rowe, Renée Olbert and their affiliates by whom all rights are reserved. They are presented here solely for educational purposes and not for profit. Please read the disclaimer for additional information.

Guests, feel free to click on up to 5 stars to rate this video story! We invite you to participate by leaving comments and questions below. Enjoy!

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