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Your Favourite Couples Print E-mail
(24 votes, average 4.71 out of 5)


Just who are the most celebrated female lovers on television these days?

We at IOL were hankering to know. We sent out an invitation for you all to visit and vote and you did!

Thank you for participating and for turning out to support your favourite couple.

So who is your favourite couple?  Why do you feel the way you do about the couple you have chosen? Although the poll is closed,  do post and let us know. 

The following couples appeared on the poll (22 July 2009):

  • Helen and Nikki (1999)
  • Carla and Hanna (2003)
  • Marisa and Silvina (2003)
  • Maca and Esther (2004)
  • Bette and Tina (2004)
  • Paige and Alex (2004)
  • Spencer and Ashley (2005)
  • Pepa and Silvia (2008)
  • Olivia and Natalia (2008)
  • Marina and Esther (2008)
  • Bianca and Reese (2008)

Voters got an extra hour and a half to select their favourite couples
and you can see the poll results here

Thank you for participating!

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Discuss (6 posts)
Your Favourite Couples
Jul 22 2009 01:11:27
Your Favourite Couples
Jul 22 2009 08:22:06
Great video Marie =D
Re:Your Favourite Couples
Jul 22 2009 08:43:46
Thanks you two! Now you've seen all the couples side by side, I hope you are inspired to vote for the right one! You know, the only possible winner... erm... they are not doing so well right now Ooh life. *crossing fingers for better luck*
Re:Your Favourite Couples
Jul 22 2009 18:47:36
Well done Aria! But that is your usual standard perfection!
Re:Your Favourite Couples
Jul 23 2009 04:13:23
Aw shucks, Jera ... but thanks! *nasmeh* *smile*

It was a bit of a challenge with the 'only 24 hours' in a day problem, but managed to work around that.

Gotta send a special shout out to Mari and especially Lowhood for helping to get this vid together at the last moment, and to all the folks at IOL for all your great support. *end of mush moment*
Re:Your Favourite Couples
Jul 24 2009 13:35:07
You are welcome Marie. Glad things went well.

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