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Holly and Susie: Love, Practical but True Print E-mail
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Seasons 1&2 "Family Affairs"

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When virginal twenty-four year old law student Holly Hart met Susie Ross, the free-spirited ex-girlfriend of her twin brother, she demonstrated that she was a quick study at redefining love. Holly was immediately drawn to this new friend whose joie de vivre easily coaxed her out of the safe little cocoon of a world she had created for herself and launched her into exciting and new romantic territories. Susie Ross, who had taken a job at the local pub, soon found that time would lead her to become a partner not only in the business, but also in love. Susie had long accepted her own bisexuality, but when she met Holly, she was surprised to find that she felt challenged to deal with this new friend's attraction to her as well as her own growing feelings of love. Holly and Susie's story is an entertaining look at the emergence of a 'true' love.

thanks go out to Girlsngear for introducing us to Holly and Susie's love story.

If you have enjoyed spending time with this great couple from one of the U.K.'s most beloved soaps, Family Affairs, be sure to let the producers know that you would love to see more stories of this kind,   because this is a time when your visibility truly does count!

IMDB Entry: Family Affairs

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