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For Better Or For Worse: The L Word Legacy Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   
hottopic We've loved it, we've hated it, but no matter what, we kept coming back for more, because the L Word was that addictive. But now, after 70 episodes and six seasons, our old friend has been put to bed and for better or for worse, the L Word as we knew it has come to an end.


Recently, CarlaFreak wrote a blog on the topic...

End of 'the L word'
Created On: 2009.03.10 17:18:40
Edited By CarlaFreak On: 2009.03.10 17:20:44

I just saw the last episode of the L word,
and I must say,it feels like the end of an era
I don't want to spoil it for the people who
haven't seen it yet, so no spoilers

I guess we've all had times where we loved it, hated it,
were we didn't woant to watch it but still did, were we couldn't
stop rewinding to see it again

as for me, I'll always be grateful for the L word
I still remember the day, a few years ago
it was kinda late, I was watching tv,
and all of a sudden, as I was zapping my way
trew the channel, I saw this show,
women being in relationship, kissing, enjoying life

I was young (yes, I know some of you think I still am)
but i was young and had no idea, this show opened my
world and really did give me a sense of belonging
it was a world I never really had seen before
and yet I felt so comfortable with it, it felt good.

From then on I watched the show, I had a few seasons
to catch up with, and I kinda grew up with it

So for me the L word ending, is like letting go of
your save home and go into the big world all by yourself
I guess we all won't forget about it soon, it has touched many
of us, and whether you like it or not, I'm going to say it

L word, I'll miss you my friend

The End of the L Word - A Special

- Disclaimer -

I think most people would agree that the L Word fueled our thoughts and imagination and kept us talking and entertained for six years. Do post to comment to leave a lasting tribute to this amazing ground breaking series!

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Discuss (5 posts)
For Better Or For Worse: The L Word Legacy
Mar 20 2009 05:46:02
This thread discusses the content article: For Better Or For Worse: The L Word Legacy

The end of an era and the beginning of a new world is what The L Word represent to me. I've had the pleasure of meeting an international array of wonderful women and sometimes men as the result of being a fan of the The L Word. My capacity for love and acceptance has grown expotentially. My music collection has also seen an increase in genre acceptance. I thank the many people associated with the show for their vision and determination.
Re:For Better Or For Worse: The L Word Legacy
Mar 24 2009 11:56:31
I can really relate though yes, the L Word and I have not always been the best of friends *smile*, but it sure seemed to open up so many worlds. I know I have all the books that Jenny and Marina spoke about (and I enjoyed reading them) and my CD collection started to grow real fast... If only for that impact alone, I think the L Word stood out for me .. and there were the other things *smile*.

I think my excitement did, however, start to cool somewhere after season 2 or 3, but I always had to watch.

Anyhoos... I do second that motion CF... no matter how a person feels about the various elements of it, the L Word will always stand out as a true landmark in my television viewing history.

And... I kinda like that Showtime doesn't let the shows run till they die unusual deaths.. leaves us some ageless Marilyn Monroe-esque images that we can keep forever... and just like it is with my sentimental favourite series "Bad Girls" folks sure do keep the characters alive in their fanfic! Have you read any L Word fanfic?
For Better Or For Worse: The L Word Legacy
May 28 2009 17:03:45
Ilene Chaiken answers some questions she has been asked about the L Word... Here is The Final Word as per the L Word Creator..

Part 1

Part 2

Re:For Better Or For Worse: The L Word Legacy
May 29 2009 13:07:08
all I can say to IC is TSSSS !!!

I mean come on.. I didn't feel like solving the murder....
can someone explain me how a sane person can come to a
thought like that?!?!?

For Better Or For Worse: The L Word Legacy
Jun 21 2009 00:07:21
i do not have a TV. it seems like a waste of time to me so imagine my surprise when a friend introduced me to this L word; i am so glad to have lived in a time when our stories ( well, women at long last, and funny, and sad ) could be seen instead of what i had been seeing all my life; now, i am discovering a whole range of our stories through youtube and last but not least IOL ... so thank you, ladies.

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