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Maca & Esther: Medical Drama S13 E-mail
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Season 13 of the Spanish series "Hospital Central"

(Spanish with English Subtitles)
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Maca's first encounter with Esther in Season 8 of Hospital Central was less than favourable and through the next six seasons, the pair experienced the trials and elations of a life grounded in the hectic pace and camaraderie to be found in a hospital community.

Season 15 aired in the Spring of 2008, and thanks to the noble efforts of some real troopers in cyberspace, fans around the world have been able to have a visual experience of one of the great romantic duos of our time.

thanks go out to Rachelm42 for making such a grand effort to coordinate an English translation of the Esther and Maca storyline.

If you have enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of the characters Esther and Maca, and this very long-running storyline, be sure to support this series by purchasing the DVD or by visiting the official websites attached to the series to provide feedback and to let the producers know how much you have enjoyed Maca and Esther's story, because afterall . . .
It is your visibility that counts most of all!

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"Hospital Central", the characters and situations are the property of Telecinco and its subsidiaries by whom all rights are reserved. They are presented here solely for educational purposes and not for profit. Please read the disclaimer for additional information.

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