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It's the New Black! Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   
Monday, 02 February 2009 06:36
Do you remember Cathy DeBuono? 
She was a very popular vblogger on last year.  She had a background in psychology and, yes, truth be known, after Bridget McManus, she was my favourite blogger.  And she was pretty cool in 'Out At The Wedding'.  Oh by the by, if you click on her blogger logo above, you'll be magically transported to where you can view her video blogs. 

Anyhoos, so I opened my browser yesterday and what did I see? --  Is Gay the new Black", of course.  And everyone and their mother seem to be talking about it.  Well, I did come across a video recently that Cathy made to address an article that she wrote that seemed to cause some 'controversy', or at the very least, she stirred up discussions.  Yes, oh yes, people be talking!   Erm.. yes, it's true, I'm learning good ol' Obonics *smile*.

Have you been discussing the whole Gay and Black issue too?  What's your take on things?  Do let us know.

For now, check out  Cathy discussing this issue with Dee, another Afterellen vlogger who wrote a swift and startling response to Cathy's article on , and Leslie, a new friend Cathy made in Chicago, on
View the conversations between Cathy, Dee and Leslie:

Video - Part 1
Video - Part 2
Video - Part 3
Video - Part 4

Check out Cathy's comments that started the dialogue:
Cathy's article

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Discuss (3 posts)
It's the New Black!
May 08 2009 02:29:56
Re:It's the New Black!
May 08 2009 20:12:48
Great cartoon! I wish that those who are against gay mariages would see it.
Re:It's the New Black!
May 08 2009 21:47:28
Hilarious !!!!!!! There will always be a new black as long as man continues to believe that he has the right to regulate every facet of our lives.

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