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Nikki & Nora: Partners in Love E-mail
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Pilot Episode

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Nikki and Nora are detectives on the police force in New Orleans; they are partners, friends and lovers.  The crime drama Nikki & Nora was destined to be the first drama with lesbian leads to be aired on network television.  Much to the dismay of many enthusiastic viewers, the series was not picked up for its first season.  However, the pilot still remains and it has made the rounds on the internet, gathering a stronger and stronger fan base and kicking up loads of fan fiction.

thanks go out to Passionperfection for this opportunity to review Nikki and Nora's story.

If you have enjoyed this glimpse into the lives of these partners and friends, why not join the growing movement of fans who are calling for the show to get a second chance on the air. Let the producers and other television companies know that there is a large audience out there would would like to see these detectives in action, because this is when your visibility truly counts!

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