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About It's Only PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aria   
Thursday, 08 May 2008 20:41

It's Only  is a fun-filled site that celebrates on-screen romances where, unlike the depiction of life in the world at large, the makers and shakers and the shining stars are the amazing leading ladies.

This is a site that opts to place an emphasis on Love as that all important denominator in all our lives.

It''''s Only (IOL) was created in the Spring of 2008 to be a part of a growing movement to increase public awareness of how beautifully life-fulfilling and "normal" love can be in the same-sex context. We also hope to encourage film and television viewers everywhere to let their voices be heard so that producers will place more stock in bringing us the type of video experiences that we look forward to. At IOL, we will play our part by showcasing love relationships as they are depicted in films and on television as well as in real life romances, because we know that Visibility Counts!.

It is our belief that our work towards increasing visibility will serve a variety of purposes:

  • Increase public experience of same-sex love situations to combat negativity and increase understanding:
    Knowledge through exposure is the main pathway to growth and understanding.

  • Offer members of the same-sex communities an opportunity to experience a wide variety of life stories to counteract the sense of isolation and the negative self-perceptions  of 'being different' or of otherness:
    To see that one is not alone is a necessary step towards embracing the truth and finally accepting that...You are not alone.

  • Demonstrate that same-sex and heterosexual experiences of love are not mutually exclusive or distinct - that they are birds of the same feather - with the hope that members of both the hetero- and homosexual communities may grow to better appreciate that love is love regardless of gender, sexual preference, age, creed, level of ability or nationality
    Love is a contagious, a very epidemic condition.

  • Empower both the same-sex and heterosexual communities to exercise the power inherent in their numbers to affect decisions that are made by film producers. We encourage you to speak out to let the producers, directors, writers, and even the actors, know more about the types of films and series that we as consumers would like to see created.
    One has to be visible to be heard.

  • Promote improved relationships across language and cultural barriers.
    Variety is the spice of life.

It's Only  also offers forums and chat experiences to provide the opportunity to speak back, speak out and experience satisfying social interactions.  The multimedia experience and the store of information (the videos, articles, songs and more!) are also provided to develop public awareness and to increase the visibility of individuals who simply love and hope to receive love in return.


Special areas have been reserved for ''''Friends of IOL''''  who seek to share and support. Be sure to write your return email address correctly, and if you haven't received a response in a timely manner, check your spam email. Sometimes email from an administrator may be diverted to spam by your email provider.

Enjoy your visit!

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