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Code of Conduct PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 May 2008 07:38

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you":
Guidelines for Participation

When participating at our site, in our Forum, or in the chatrooms, there are a few simple rules for conduct (which we will enforce) that we must ask each visitor to adhere to.

  1. Communicate in a friendly and respectful manner.
    It’s OK to share your opinions and to disagree, we simply ask that you do so without attacking another member in the process.
    If you feel you have been personally attacked in our community, don’t respond with an attack of your own. Instead, e-mail the Moderator/Admin to alert us of the problem.
  2. Keep it clean.
    Profanity and obscenities will not be tolerated. This includes masked profanity where letters are substituted with special characters.
  3. Don’t instigate arguments.
    Content intended to inflame or disrupt the community is not allowed. This includes harassment of fellow members, links to inappropriate content, racial, ethnic, religious, or other slurs as well as any name-calling.
  4. Solicitations.
    Mass posting or "spamming" the message boards, chatroom or comments sections is not allowed. Soliciting through the private messaging system is also not allowed. If you receive a solicitation in a private message, please forward the message to the moderator. We must have proof in order to stop future abuse. Soliciting means that you are persuading other members to buy something, try a service, or visit another website, the content of which may be deemed (by It's Only admin) to be inappropriate (as per other rules posted herein), where the members may or may not have any interest in doing so.
  5. Don’t share personally identifiable information.
    To protect your privacy and to ensure your online safety, we ask that you do not post personally identifiable information. This includes phone numbers, address, instant messaging screen names (AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, etc,). Further, we ask that you do not share someone else’s personally identifiable information.
  6. Respect our Community Team.
    The community team are volunteers who do their best to maintain the integrity and standards of our community areas. Should a problem arise on a message board, we ask that you assist the community team by paying attention to their posts and following any directions they may provide. Please do not post attacks or insults against the moderators. It is your choice to continue to visit the forums. You will be banned from the forum if you post attacks or insults aimed at the moderators. Forum moderators have the right to reprimand and/or ban members who break the rules.
  7. Keep on topic.
    Please keep all postings and subject matter relevant to the thread topics.
  8. Abusing private messaging, message board or chatrooms.
    The message board, chatrooms and private messaging system are here for you to exchange advice, learn and have fun. Using the private messaging system, the chatrooms or the message board as a means of mass communication for solicitation is strictly prohibited. Report abuse to the Moderator by forwarding the private communication, or contact the administrator by means of the "Contact Us" form. We must have proof to stop future abuse.
  9. Minors may not register without parent approval.
    You must be above the age of consent or have written parent approval in order to participate as a member.

These rules are here for your protection. They ensure we maintain a fun, safe and supportive environment where members and visitors can speak with freedom and a sense of security. Members who continually fail to follow the guidelines are subject to account suspension and are no longer eligible for participation in our community. Visitors who insist on not following these guidelines will be banned.

Now that you know these very simple rules -- which we must enforce -- we invite you to join in, chat, comment, post and message to your heart's content.


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