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Vámonos aka Let's Go Away Print E-mail
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A Short Film - Spanish with English Subtitles

Writer and Director: Paco Díaz Aguilar, Spain, 2004, 12 min.
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Vámonos is the story of the love shared between two women of different classes. Manuela is an aging actress who has fallen for Carmen, a young gypsy girl with a child and a husband. Carmen loves Manuela too, but she has been forced to make to make hard choices for the sake of her family. Will these two women be able to bridge the socio-economic gap so as to take love by the hand?

thanks go out to Paco Díaz Aguilar for sharing his cinematic short story with us online.

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An Official Website: Vámonos at Live Video Channel

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"Vámonos", the characters and situations are the property of Freak Short Film Agency and Paco Díaz Aguilar by whom all rights are reserved. They are presented here solely for educational purposes and not for profit. Please read the disclaimer for additional information.

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