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A Short Film

Writer: Whitney Peters and Director: Jesse Peretz, USA, 2006, 12.5 min.
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goldarrow Watch the short film in its entirety at Scenarios

When Haley and Veronica presented their "soapbox" speeches in class, expressing their angst about issues that really concerned them, they had no idea it would land them another class project... working things out with each other! From very different ethnic backgrounds and lifestyles, the two would work hard to complete the project but not before they would learn some things about themselves and about a very special kind of love.

Seventeen year old Whitney Peters "didn't consider herself much of a writer and she had 'never even considered film as anything I could do' when she entered the 2006 contest as part of her Television Production class. She did consider herself an artist and an activist, however, and she took advantage of the chance to have her voice heard. Whitney wanted to tackle a complex topic that she felt other students wouldn't be writing about: identity. She carefully constructed characters who straddle often-times conflicting aspects of their identities--race, class, gender and sexuality. Whitney hopes her story will encourage deeper thinking about how community expectations affect youth trying to decide for themselves who they are and what they want. Who I Am was filmed at MAST Academy in Miami, Florida in January 2007. Over 100 students from the Miami area worked as extras in the film, and a professional crew gave their time and talents in the middle of Miami's peak production season." (1)

thanks go out to Scenariosusa for providing us an opportunity to watch this thought provoking short film.

If you have enjoyed Who Am I?, be sure to let the film boards that promote the production of short films of this type know that they have an audience out here that would like to see more. Voice your approval because this where your visibility truly does count!

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