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Special Feature - In The Life TV

Documentary Stories from the Gay Experience.

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"In The Life is the longest running television show documenting the gay experience. (1) This award winning show brings stories from the GLBT communities to life with the ultimate goal of exposure, of "changing hearts and minds by exposing hundreds of thousands of people nationwide to [these] communities." (2)

A Brief History

In response to a long-standing history of disturbingly negative portrayal of non-heterosexual lifestyle on television, John Scagliotti, producer ofBefore Stonewall, had a pioneering idea to bring real gay and lesbian faces to television, and by 1992, comedian Kate Clinton did appear on six public television stations as the first host of In The Life (ITL). "The pilot episode featured a diverse group of performers: dancers, comedians, folk singers and even the New York Gay Men's Chorus." (3)

By the end of 1993, ITL had transformed into a "behind-the-news-desk public affairs program" and by its third season, the show moved out of the studios and onto the street, "where [it] found its true calling: on-the-scene reporting of the issues that matter to lesbian and gay audiences, and that ought to matter to everyone else." (4)

Even after the television sit-com Will and Grace premiered in 1998 (opening the doors for more and more shows to depict gay and lesbian life on television) and with the more recent advent of two GLBT cable network stations (LOGO and here!), In The Life continues to educate and expose with its unique and entertaining format, and quite happily by the year 2010, anyone can tune into their website to view the various episodes of the show on demand.

And it is as the authors there note, "IN THE LIFE's 16-year history proves that whatever the story is, we will cover it, and our viewers will be educated, motivated and empowered." (5)

  • You can read the full history of In The Life here

Official Website: In The Live

thanks go out to ITLmedia for providing widespread access to the In The Life shows via Youtube.

If you have enjoyed this special selection, be sure to stop by the In The Life website to make a donation, to support their efforts to continue to air on public television, and to make your satisfaction known. You've got to know that this is when your visibility truly counts!

The "In The Life" videos are the property of In The Life Media and pertinent affiliates by whom all rights are reserved. They are presented here solely for educational and private use purposes and not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Please read the disclaimer for additional information.

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