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Special Feature

Special Musical Reminders
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"Sometimes we forget how very special we all are or how amazingly wonderful it feels to be loved. But then we turn on the radio, tune in to the mp3 player or seek out one of our favourite music videos and suddenly we find ourselves having a much better day.

We found some outstanding musical reminders on youtube and would like to share them with you. And... if while you''re watching and listening, you are reminded of how very unique and important you are, rest assured that the music has begun to do what it was created to do: inspire, entertain and soothe. So, sit back, relax, watch the performances and let the music work its special magic for you. Enjoy!...

thanks go out to the incredible singers, composers and song-writers for the gift of song. And to those who have made it possible for this music to reach a growing audience.

If you have enjoyed this selection, be sure to get your own personal copy and support these artists and producers so that will all be able to enjoy many more years of music at its best. You've got to know that this is when your visibility truly counts!

These video performances are the property of the performers and pertinent affiliates  by whom all rights are reserved. They are presented here solely for educational and private use purposes and not for profit. No copyright infringement isintended. Please read the disclaimer for additional information.

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Musical Inspirations
Apr 19 2010 19:29:49
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Musical Inspirations
Apr 19 2010 19:29:50
Awesome selection

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