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Babette and Nathalie's Story "Rozengeur and Wodka Lime" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   

What does one do when a spontaneous moment of lustful loving with a total stranger comes back to haunt daytime reality?  Give in to the attraction - of course! At least that is what Babette chose to do when it turned out that her partner for a late night tryst would become a work colleague in the light of day.  These are the kinds of developments that certainly have the power to turn a life upside down.

Babette van Woensel (played by Actress: Ghislaine Pierie), a lawyer and judge in training, was deeply in love with her journalist boyfriend, Frank, and although the course of their love did not always go smoothly, she was finally beginning to feel that she could commit to their relationship, that is, till she had a one night stand... with Nathalie.  Babette simply couldn't keep her mind off of this new woman and their encounters, and she wasn't even able to relieve herself of all the indecision by revealing her relationship with Nathalie to her best friends in their customary style.  Time, however, brought answers,  as distasteful and uncomfortable as they turned out to be, and the physical attraction would win out allowing Babette and Nathalie's affair to live on.  Or, would it?  More about this actress...

Nathalie Numan (played by Actress: Simone Gablan) was a woman-loving translator who after meeting Babette again in the daytime hours, hoped for more than just a one night stand.  Circumstances repeatedly forced the two together and it was only a matter of time before they would allow themselves to truly enjoy the pleasures of love. More about this actress...

The Couple: Babette and Nathalie first met in a lesbian nightclub where Babette, lifetime heterosexual, and her friends, more of the same, had gone for a girls' night out, which, actually turned out to be a night like none other.  In fact, Babette found herself strangely attracted a woman and by night's end, she had shared the same bed. One could only imagine judge in training Babette's surprise when she encountered this woman again at the courthouse; Nathalie had been assigned as translator on a case which Babette would also handle.  As circumstances kept placing the women in the same space, they put up little resistance and went ahead and acted on the physical attraction that had brought them together in the first place.  Then love blossomed but would it bloom?

Rozengeur & Wodka Lime, said to be the Dutch answer to Sex in the City, first aired in 2001 on the Dutch television channel RTL 4  and had a run of 6 seasons.  It is the story of 4 friends who meet regularly to talk about their lives, their loves and sex over their favourite drink, vodka with lime.

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