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Carla and Hanna's Story: "Verbotene Liebe" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   

When Carla Met Hanna, drinks were spilled, work forgotten, jealousies awakened and passions took flight. An artist born to a very wealthy German family's chance meeting with a restauranteur seals her fate and fulfills her daydreams of love. A beautiful love story with unexpected twists and turns.

Carla von Lahnstein (played by Actress: Claudia Hiersche) is a member of aristocracy, a countess, a successful business woman, an artist and a Lesbian.  The last of these distinctions was something she strove hard to hide from her father, from other family and from her upper echelon social circle; in time, she even went as far as to marry to conceal that certain identity.  However, a chance encounter at a pub swiftly brought about major changes in Carla's life; she had found love at first sight and she was not very willing to let it go.  More about this actress...

Hanna Novak (played by Actress: Katharina Dalichau) was one of the proprietors of a local pub which she had leased along with a friend after her own sister's dealings had led to the loss of her successful catering business.  Life had begun to resettle itself and Hanna was contented and very much in love with Lars, her sister's ex-beau.  Then one fateful day, a beautiful stranger entered her establishment, and suddenly doors were opened to a new kind of friendship and a special kind of love. More about this actress...

The Couple: Carla and Hanna met at Hanna's pub, No Limit,  when the two literally bumped into each other and the juice Hanna had meant to serve her customer spilled all over the woman's suit instead.  Hanna wanted to make amends but after discovering that Carla was an artist she looked forward to making better acquaintances with this stranger in the hopes of hiring her to make a special gift for her boyfriend, Lars.  Although Carla was having an affair at the time, she couldn't keep her mind off that special someone she had just met; she quickly acknowledged to herself that she had fallen in love.  In time, the two would have many opportunities to see each other again and would enjoy each other's company immensely.  But then came the day came when circumstances would force Carla to reveal the depths of her true feelings and Hanna would be left to make sense of it all.  This on-screen romance that spanned a little more than a  year and over 300 episodes quickly became a fan favourite, and without a doubt it qualifies as one of the greatest romances of our time.

Verbotene Liebe ("Forbidden Love")  first aired on German television back in 1995 when as its first storyline, it intrigued viewers with the tale of a brother and sister in love.  Since that time the show has dealt with many controversial topics which  usually revolve around instances of the most forbidden kinds of love.

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