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Jay and Maia's Story: "Shortland Street" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   
  • Femslash Nom:  ?
  • Country of Origin:  New Zealand
  • Channel:  TVNZ's TV2
  • Run:  2004-2007
  • Company:  Grundy Television Productions
  • Fan Site:  Street Talk

Trying to start all over again in a new town with family you barely know can be tough, especially when you bring home someone who may be a bit of a surprise, your girlfriend. This was Jay's experience and Maia, the woman on her arm; both are Kiwi natives returning home to resettle life before family and new friends as a couple. Given the 'novelty' of their relationship, surely they should have anticipated that 'happily ever after' would not be such an easy task, but Jay and Maia's romance proves that love has a way of seeing things through.

Jay Copeland (played by Actress: Jaime Passier-Armstrong) is a 20 year old university student and classical musician who has returned to New Zealand from Australia with the hope of starting life anew and building a relationship with a father that she barely knew. The new surroundings, family dramas, and newly acquired friendships would test their relationship, again and again. Jay was initially very reticent to share the nature of her sexuality with family and friends, and would she be able to put her university training to good use so as to create this new life they hoped for in Ferndale? Would she be able to withstand the pressures, and could the love that the couple share ensure that their special bond would remain intact on Shortland Street? More about this actress ...

Maia Jeffries (played by Actress: Anna Jullienne) is a nurse who looks forward to making a new home in New Zealand alongside her lady love, Jay, who was first woman she had ever had a relationship with. In this new environment, Maia wanted to be out and proud and could barely contain herself in this regard. Although, she did notice that now surrounded by family, her sweetheart, the woman who wore her sexuality so openly and proudly, had begun to get cold feet. She saw that Jay wanted to become closeted in a way she had never been back in Australia. Maia, with her friendly disposition, was very quick to make friends and settled in quite nicely in fictitious Ferndale, Auckland where she would experience love and life in a way she hadn't before. More about this actress ...

The Couple: Jay and Maia had already established a relationship when the viewers first came to know of them. In Australia, Jay had lived very publicly as a gay woman, while Maia had been more shy to reveal that side of her, but in their new surroundings, with Jay's whanau (extended family) about, the situation was quite the opposite. Nonetheless, their lives in New Zealand would see the women achieve many firsts, such as a civil union and issues surrounding the formation of a family. This couple has gathered a rather huge following over the years and is one of the most beloved couples down under. Surely, their love story will remain one of the greatest romances of our time.

Shortland Street, New Zealand's longest running daytime serial (debuted in 1992), recently celebrated its 4000th episode in the year 2008. The series has brought many firsts to the air including the much acclaimed Valentine's day civil union ceremony between Jay and Maia.  The soap continues to have great popularity and shows no sign of ending its run..

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