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Jenny and Marina's Story: "The L Word" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   

When a bombshell of a woman with old world charm and a keen interest in things literary espies a drop-dead gorgeous young girl with similar interests,  matched curiousity and a desire to explore, there is nothing to do but make the appropriate advances and hope that the intense and spontaneous attraction will combust into amore, or at the very least, lead to a moment of lust behind a closed bathroom door.  Sometimes such things do happen, as it did between Marina and Jenny, where lust did indeed ignite passion and give way to scalding, unforgiving love.

Marina Ferrer (played by Actress: Katrina Lombard) is a strikingly attractive woman from Europe with equally bewitching accented speech who was the owner of the local eatery and Lesbian hangout/nightclub, the Planet. She had been immediately attracted to the stunning young stranger who shared her keen interest in literature, Jenny, but also found that she wanted to sample that beautiful body even more.  Throwing caution to the wind, Marina  dove right in feeling there would be nothing to a harmless fling.  Except fate had other plans and it threw Marina something she hadn't bargained for, love.  Almost immediately,  this astute business woman who seemed so very much in control of life and emotions fell in love... with a woman who had never been with a woman before, with a woman who was living with and betrothed to a man. Read more about this actress...

Jenny Schecter (played by Actress: Mia Kirshner), a recent university graduate from Chicago and budding writer, was very excited to relocate to the world where fantasies are constantly being created, Hollywood, to make a new life with her sports director boyfriend, Tim.  In this new anything goes environment, she had been looking forward to living life to its fullest so that she could  pour it all into her writing; writing had been her sole ambition, something she literally lived for.  So Jenny had been open to all possibilities, but had she really been prepared for the experience of Marina?  When that older and more experienced woman suddenly appeared in Jenny's life, she had appealed to the young post  academic's intellectual prowess and had set the lesbo-virgin's heart and body on fire.  The insecurities over her new feelings, her love for Tim and the angst over her infidelity all aside, Jenny couldn't help but lust for more.  She craved this Machiavellian woman and the whole new world of loving (of women) to which she had opened doors.  Jenny struggled a great deal with her new feelings, but took time to explore and to understand the new person she had become, because more than anything else she just wanted to give Marina all her love. Read more about this actress...

The Couple: Jenny and Marina met at a party given by Bette and Tina, Jenny's new neighbours, and the two immediately bonded over talk about favourite authors and works of literature. Jenny was slowly discovering that she had been spending the evening in a room full of Lesbians, which was a totally new experience for her, while Marina felt certain their next move would involve something quite exquisite performed behind a closed bathroom door. Acting on her intuition, Marina  had followed Jenny into the bathroom and surprised the newcomer who (after some delay) had rebuffed her advances, but not before Jenny had had a taste of what could come.  And although in the moments and days that followed, she would struggle to admit it, Jenny had immediately known that she liked those lips and that touch very much.   She would eventually revisit the experience of Marina, and the two fell deeply in love, or lust, was it?  Their time together rocked Jenny's world and caused her to leave heterosexuality and Tim behind, but time would reveal that she didn't have exclusive rights on Marina's love.  Marina and Jenny's love story seemed to hit a cord with viewers, for all the questions it raised and the emotions it stirred up, and it easily ranks high amongst the greatest on-screen romances of our time.

The L Word, Showtime's groundbreaking series about a group of women living in Los Angeles who love... women, made its debut in 2004. This critically acclaimed series has been very well received by the public and has a large following worldwide. The L Word completed its sixth and final season in the Spring of 2009. :(1)

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