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Maca and Esther's Story: "Hospital Central" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   

Two career-minded professionals,  employees at Hospital Central who are accustomed to making life and death decisions on the Emergency Room floor, make one of the most pivotal decisions of all, to follow their hearts.  Amidst the noise and haste of triage and under the scrutiny of the curious eyes of their co-workers, Maca and Esther manage to fall in love.  The women would soon commit to each other and embark on an amazing and refreshingly inspiring life story...together.

Maca Fernández Wilson (played by Actress: Patricia Vico) is a very astute and level-headed pediatrician who joined the staff of Central Hospital in season 8 of the series; by season 15, she has acquired the title of Hospital Director.  Maca has a very easy going personality, but when necessary, she doesn't hesitate to express her more forceful side.  She is from a prominent family in Jerez, Spain, but had decided to relocate to Madrid after having abandoned her fiancé at the altar and having come out publicly about her sexual identity, all much to the disapproval of her upstanding family.  Even with the move and her new life, Maca finds that she still continues to be plagued by family matters, and that is not the only aspect of her past that the beautiful and personable pediatrician has a great deal of trouble putting behind.  More about this actress...

Esther García (played by Actress: Fátima Baeza) is one of the most beloved members of the hospital staff.  She is a head nurse who had worked her way up through the ranks at Central Hospital.  She now has many career and personal achievements to her credit, not the least of which is the life and family she did eventually build with Maca.  She is sweet and fun-loving and is a friend to all her colleagues at work.  In contrast to Maca, Esther comes from much humbler beginnings, from a working class background, and she has a very close relationship  with her mother whose heart had always been set on seeing her daughter marry a rich and handsome doctor. It is possible that her mother's dream will come true. More about this actress...

The Couple: At their first meeting, Maca and Esther got off to a bad start when a miscommunication created ill feelings on the pediatrician's first day at hospital. In time, however, a friendship would blossom followed by a love that would transform both their lives forever. Esther, lifetime heterosexual, would embrace new-found love for woman and the two, in spite of the many challenges they faced in their work, life and love, would eventually formalise their relationship and share a home. In a most refreshing way, their life choices didn't seem to cause tremendous uproar amongst their colleague,  and in much the same way, their romance seemed to have struck a cord with viewers from around the world.  Certainly theirs can be considered one of the great on-screen romances of our time.

Hospital Central, dubbed "the Spanish ER", has aired over 200 episodes earning itself the distinction of being called the longest running serial drama on Spanish television.:(1)

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