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Nikki and Helen's Story: "Bad Girls" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   

When convicted murderer, Nikki Wade, stepped out from amongst the crowd to confront new prison administrator Helen Stewart, sparks flew, but neither knew that that confrontation would be the beginning of a most unforgettable and inspiring love affair.

Nikki Wade (played by Actress: Mandana Jones)   "was a lipstick lesbian before the term was even invented. She identified her sexuality early in life and has never felt the need to deny or hide it. Her parents’ intolerance caused the young Nikki to run away from home, to travel the world in search of a lifestyle. Most of G-Wing’s inmates look up to Nikki. She is intelligent and streetwise, aware of her external image and the need to protect her status. She has a strong sense of natural justice, because of the injustice she has suffered. Her murder conviction has earned her respect and fear, and she has learned to use this power when dealing with bullying inmates and officers. Nikki is no-one’s fool and, as Helen soon learns, it takes a lot of effort to win her trust. Nikki’s fatal flaw, however, is her fierce jealousy which she finds impossible to contain, even to the point of self-destruction." (1) More about this actress...

Helen Stewart (played by Actress: Simone Lahbib) "has wanted something structured in her life, to feel that she can make an impact. She has a deep-rooted sense of natural justice and an instinctive empathy for those women on the inside who have been dealt a rough hand in life. Helen’s personality is complex and contradictory. She is talented and supremely able but suffers from external prejudices and internal demons. She can, therefore, be a stickler for the rules. Her uncompromising stance doesn’t go down well with many of the inmates, or with some of her colleagues… especially Jim Fenner. Helen has great empathy for the inmates and their life stories and problems take their emotional toll on her. She is an excellent judge of character and relies on her instincts even when the facts tend to suggest she’s wrong—which is why she is so drawn to Nikki Wade.:(2) More about this actress...

The Couple: Nikki and Helen met on Helen's first day at work on the G-Wing of Larkhall Prison.  Helen had come down to quell the seeds of a riot and Nikki was the one to step up to protest the inexcusable treatment of a fellow prisoner.  In those moments, both women displayed the full force of their characters, a certain strength and intelligence that was to bind them together forever.  Nikki the acclaimed lesbian's attraction was swift and indissoluble.  Helen, a lifetime heterosexual who was living with her fiancé Sean, couldn't know what had hit her until that certain prisoner had already gotten under her skin and had secured a long-lasting place in her heart.  The couple shared a hunger for books and a thirst for justice which would: fuel their affections for each other over three seasons of the series; earn them hoards of adoring fans worldwide; and would catapult their love affair to the top of our list of the greatest on-screen romances of our time.

Bad Girls, the award-winning series which ran for eight years on Britain's ITV channel, with replays in many countries around the world, captured the imagination of all segments of the population and was very quickly a world-wide phenomenon. The storylines which were often rough and gritty, tales from and about women behind bars, attracted viewers of all ages and social stations and thus has served as a unifying force on a global level. This special feature of Bad Girls is particularly true in the case of the romance between Helen and Nikki which as been responsible for the generation of a huge database of fan fiction and for the formation of uncountable friendships and romances.

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