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Paige and Alex's Story: "Degrassi: The Next Generation" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   
palex <

What happens when one of the most popular girls at school is forced by circumstances to spend time in the company of the "wrong kind of" girl? Sparks fly, that's what! There is combustion then a slow kindle which fireballs into fiery mutual attraction which has no other recourse than to billow into smoldering love.

Paige Michalchuk (played by Actress: Lauren Collins), the stereotypical popular rich girl, played the part to the tee; she was snobbish, fashion-conscious and self-absorbed. But people, like time, are always changing and it wasn't long before Paige softened and became more of a do-gooder who was capable of opening herself up to new experiences, and most particularly to the experience of love shared with none other than the school's resident bad girl. More about this actress...

Alex Nuñez (played by Actress: Deanna Casaluce) is the beautiful bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks who lived for the moment and thought very little about what was in the offering for the future.  She had been somewhat of an outcast, but things changed once she found herself working alongside one of the most popular girls in school, Paige Michalchuk.  Without warning, animosity turned to friendship and that friendship into a special affection; soon the two girls were in love. More about this actress...

The Couple: Paige had not been very happy to discover that she would have to work to pay the debt of damage she had done to a friend's car, and what could be worse than having to work alongside a girl she felt was not up to her par, the poor social outcast, Alex?  However, circumstances allowed her the opportunity to look into Alex's world and from understanding grew physical attraction which grew into that very special kind of love.  Paige knew what she wanted from life and finding herself caught up in a kiss with Alex definitely was not life going according to plan, but the love was undeniable. The two became a couple and dated openly proving that opposites do indeed attract but do they make for a long-lasting romance?   No doubt, the huge following of fans that this couple, affectionately known as "Palex", has garnered are anxious to see this love story go on for at least several seasons more.

Degrassi, The Next Generation, (aka DTNG) is a continuation of a long running series from Canada that depicts the lives and challenges of students from Degrassi High.  Paige made her appearance in season 1 of DTNG and  formed a relationship with Alex when she was more on the scene in season 3; DTNG is currently in its seventh season.  This award winning show first aired on CTV in Canada in 2001.  Since then, it has also been played in the USA on The N.  The series has been proclaimed a "critical and popular success, D:TNG is the most-watched domestic drama series in Canada, and the highest-rated show on The N network in the United States. In 2004, one episode received over half a million viewers in the U.S., and just under one million in Canada.":(1)

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