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Silvina and Marisa's Story: "099 Central" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   

Try to help out a fellow officer and see what you get?: your world turned upside down - that's all!  Not such a typical scenario on the police force where lending a supportive hand is par for the course, but, this is exactly what happened to Silvina when the tall, dark and handsomely beautiful Marisa entered her life. For both women, nothing would ever be as it was before.

Silvina (played by Actress: Eugenia Tobal) is an expert  rescue operator on the police force in Argentina. She is a woman who had a major eye for the boys, and for one in particular. He was everything Silvina dreamt of and talked about, that is, till the fates brought her a new roommate in the form of Marisa. Then suddenly, the seasoned police officer's dreams, and her life, became surprisingly Sapphic in nature.   The road to acceptance of her new sexual identity was not an easy one, particularly as she still had very strong feelings for the man she idolised, but Silvina finally realised that her attraction to Marisa was more than just friendly affection, that it was in fact a love that could not be denied. More about this actress...

Marisa (played by Actress: Carolina Peleritti) is a police officer on the rescue team who was experiencing problems in love, trouble that had seen her thrown out of her flat with nowhere to go until  Silvina took her in, and life and love would never again be the same.   Marisa had fallen almost immediately for Silvina, but didn't disclose her feelings at first for fear of losing her flatmate's friendship.  Time would, however, offer Marisa the very real possibility of romance with her special lady love, but entanglements with men, both from the past and the present, and her own hopes for achievement in the future would force her to continue to battle for love. More about this actress...

The Couple: Silvina offered lodging to Marisa who was temporarily without a home; she was quite comfortable with her new roommate and in time wanted nothing more than for her to live with her more permanently.  Marisa, who had squabbled with her girlfriend who had then ejected her from their home, enjoyed sharing the space and spending time with her work colleague, and as feelings grew she began to hope for more.  However, recognising that Silvina was very caught up in her relationship with men - it was all she ever talked about - Marisa was very careful not to let her particular affection for women be known.  Against the backdrop of crime-fighting, intervention from colleagues and friends and indecisions about sexual identity, the two women finally dabbled in love and embarked on a romance that easily ranks among the greatest on-screen romances of our time.

099 Central was an Argentinian police drama that made its debut on Canal Trece in April of 2002, introducing viewers in Argentina and Israel (where it also aired) to: exciting storylines about life around the station; to the relationships made with the firemen and paramedics who are often involved; and to the eye-opening story of two female police officers in love.  The series ran for 146 episodes before their story, and a more prominent storyline of  Tom├ís and Laura,  came to an end in the very same year.

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