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Spencer and Ashley's Story: "South of Nowhere" Print E-mail
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Written by Aria   

The teen years are a time for changes, for new adventures and for self-discovery, and these were only some of the things that the new girl in town, Spencer,  experienced when she came to know the local free spirit, Ashley. Ashley's joie de vivre challenged Spencer to explore and come to terms with the person she was meant to be, while Spencer's love dared Ashley to truly care and to love in return. A charming story of young love under the California sun.

Spencer Carlin (played by Actress: Gabrielle Christian) had gone through many changes, not the least of which was her family's move from small-town Ohio to a more fast-paced Los Angeles.  The changes and new-found friendships, particularly the one she brokered with out and proud Ashley Davies, forced the teen to make her way forward while continually confronted with many unanswered questions about life, family, identity and love. More about this actress...

Ashley Davies (played by Actress: Mandy Musgrave), the rock star's child, is rich, free-spirited, and ready to take on life.  She was the one to give small town girl Spencer a new outlook on life, on sexuality and on love, but ironically, as emotions deepened, Ashley constantly found herself plagued by uncertainty. Would love be the thing to redeem her? More about this actress...

The Couple: Spencer met Ashley on the first day she attended her new school, and through her was introduced to California life.  The smart-talking Ashley with her very unique style appealed to the small town girl right from the start and opened her up to new ways of life: to new fashions, new adventures, a new identity, and even a different kind of love.  The two became almost inseparable, much to the dismay of  Spencer's mother who was very wary of the Ashley's lifestyle, and it was only a matter of time before Spencer's exploration of her own sexual identity was answered by Ashley's professed love.  Over the course of three seasons, the course of their romance has been tested by family crises, death, indecision, and the love of man.  Yet, their story doesn't seem to lose its appeal and viewers of all ages continue to tune in hoping that tomorrow there will be more Spashley (the name given to the couple by adoring fans) to enjoy. 

South of Nowhere, first aired back in 2005. Since then, two full seasons and the first half of a third have been aired on the television station The N and online. Reports that no plans have been made for a fourth season has had fans calling for producers to "Save Spashley!" With its huge fan base there is no doubt that many viewers are hoping that the save Spashley campaigns will win out.

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