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Written by Aria   

Tina and Bette had created a beautiful life together. With a comfortable home, plans for starting a family already in the works and the fires of passion still burning bright, they are the envy of all their friends. In short, Bette and Tina have all the ingredients for a 'happily ever after',  but will they allow all these enviable advantages to work for them and secure for them a lifetime of love?

Bette Porter (played by Actress: Jennifer Beals) is an ambitious and talented art aficionado who was a successful art curator. At the start of their L Word story, she was a dean of a California School of Arts, but time would see her change directions in her career. She is very much in love with her life partner, is committed to family and is very loyal to her friends, but Bette, admittedly, has always preferred to be the one in charge. Through the years, she has also been known to make life altering decisions because of a tendency to give in to her roving eye. Bette is a gorgeous woman who has always loved women and who, by all appearances, hopes to continue to love them all.   But does the unpredictability of life and love have the ability to dismantle this strong, self-possessed and in-charge woman? Does introspection, the inevitable self-confrontation, have the power to bring her to her knees? Read more about this actress...

Tina Kennard (played by Actress: Laurel Holloman) is demure, and compassionate, and though it is not always readily apparent, she is a woman who possesses great strength of character.  Tina was a film executive (a career she would return to in later years) who had put her professional life on hold to mother a child for her longtime partner, Bette.  Bette was Tina's first lesbian experience and Tina had put a lifetime of heterosexuality aside to commit to their home and to their love. However, the realisation that she was sharing a home with an incurable womanizer coupled with a new-found love for women not yet fully explored and a crisis of ambition were issues that Tina could not overlook; they were eye-openers that were destined to have dramatic effects on her outlook on life's possibilities and the stability of her relationship with Bette. Read more about this actress...

The Couple: Tina and Bette's relationship had begun over 8 years ago when Tina found herself strangely attracted to the art curator at a gallery event she had attended with her boyfriend. They felt an immediate passion for each other and Tina would become the very person to domesticate the self-assured art director, and although passion would waver as they faced life's challenges, the chemistry between the two women would always remain strong.  Tina mothered a child for Bette which, rather than cementing their relationship as they had hoped it would, turned out to be the deal breaker and both women were left to wonder, wait and want. Though many life circumstances would separate them, Bette and Tina would always strive to find ways to make peace and to consummate their undying love. Tina and Bette's love story ranks as one of the greatest on-screen romances of our time.

The L Word, Showtime's groundbreaking series about a group of women living in Los Angeles who love... women, made its debut in 2004. This critically acclaimed series has been very well received by the public and has a large following worldwide. The L Word completed its sixth and final season is in the Spring of 2009. (1)

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